Keratin Treatment

A Keratin Treatment is an innovative hair treatment process that is completely natural and free from formaldehyde, sulphates and parabens. It is deeply regenerative and straightens hair without altering its structure.
It produces healthy, straight, soft and shiny hair lasting 3-4 months. All hair types can be treated with keratin.

Repairs dry and damaged hair
Gives your hair a wonderful shine
Straightens frizzy hair
Provides heat protection
Protects dyed hair
Limits split ends
Makes it easier to style your hair how you like
Saves time when styling 
Straightens your hair without altering its structure
Your hair is silky and feels soft

Your hair is strengthened, gains a closed surface and is at the same time protected from UV rays, wind, frost, sea and chlorinated water.  
A Keratin Treatment is suitable for delicate, damaged, curly, long, hard, unruly and coarse hair. Thanks to its properties, it also nourishes chemically treated or dyed hair.
Results are immediately visible.

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